Office Managers are a very important part of the healthcare industry. Physicians, hospitals, and patients rely on their constant attention to detail to help the entire system work smoothly.

At JFK Medical Center North Campus we want to make your life a little easier. Let us know what resources you need added to this convenient location so you can access and utilize the resources when you need them.


Physician Relations:

Nancy Baney
Director of Business Development

Call (561) 401-2864

Medical Staff Services Director:

Charlene M. Jackson, CPCS, CPMSM Manager
Medical Staff Services
Fax: (561) 881-2649
Fax to Email: (561) 548-9275

Call (561) 863-3918

Remote Gateway Access:

Gail Furst

Call (561) 863-3987


Call (561) 863-3825